My slow experience

Upcoming Events
very Tuesday at 10am for Toddlers
Sat 29th Feb 10.30am : Cleansing lotion and facial scrub making session
Sat 29th Feb 12.00 : Shampoo bar making session
Hoole, Chester, UK

My slow experience

Frequent workshops

Daily products making workshops for kids or adults
Skincare session : Lip balm & cold cream making
Facecare session : Cleansing lotion & facial scrub
Haircare session : Shampoo bar & hair balm making
Relax bath session : Bath bombs & Bath salt making
Bodycare session : Body scrub & body balm making
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Worshop for private event

Want to organize a private event ? Hen party, Birthday party, Team building, Private event ? For instance, please send me a message and let’s organize a bespoke workshop ! We can rent nice spaces in Liverpool, Manchester or Chester.


Handmade soap for hen party, private event


Kids and parents homemade bath bombs workshop
Bath Bomb making !
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Kids from 2 with parents

Families session : kids and parents bath bombs workshop
Bath Bombs making !
8th Feb |10.30am  FULL
29th Feb |10.30am  FULL
21st March|10.30am
28th March|10.30am
9th April  | 9am and 2pm
11th April |10.30am
Hoole, Chester, UK
Kids from 5 with parents

Cleansing lotion and facial scrub making session

Next sessions :
29th Feb | 10.30am
9th April | 3.30
6th June | 10.30 am

Hoole, Chester, UK

Body Chantilly and body scrub making session.
Next sessions : 11th April 10.30am


Shampoo bar and Deodorant bar making session
Next session : 29th Feb | 10.30am

Hoole, Chester, UK

Cold cream and lip balm making session

9th April 10.30am

Hoole, Chester, UK

Anti-aging elixir, anti-aging cleansing lotion, facial scrub

Next event : 28th March 10.30am

Hoole, Chester, UK

Anti-strech cream, body scrub and baby massage oil making session

Next session : 21st March |10.30am
Hoole, Chester, UK

Daily products workshop sessions
daily products workshop type sessions
Daily products workshop sessions


Zero waste
Trying to reduce our impact on the environnement. The best waste is the one which does not exist at all !!

Plastic free
Plastic is all around our life. kitchen, bathroom, everywhere.. My slow experience incitates to reduce plastic consumption

We only use organic components in our workshop.

My slow experience tries to use only contains coming from recycling, and antiquing .

My name is Lucie.
I am a French foodie, traveler and mother of 2 – and most importantly I am keen to explore new eco ways of living with my family.

Hence came the idea that I could bring families together and help them create their own cosmetics and domestics in a friendly and fun atmosphere.
My plan is to run regular workshops around Chester and bring a stronger eco-focused mindset to the community.

Come and join the next workshop edition to contribute to a sustainable planet!