Awaken your senses with our magical soaps

Beyond a soap, our cosmetics offer you a sensorial experience. Let’s the magic enter your bathroom and feel the comfort of being well.

Artisan Soap Maker

My Slow Experience is a brand of solid, 100% natural, 100% sustainable cosmetics. Zero waste. Made in the Basque Country with raw materials as local as possible. The soaps are made with vegetable oils, most of them are local, as  olive oil and almond oil.
Handmade according to European cosmetic standards, the GMP (Good manufacturing practice). Manufactured in a professional cosmetic laboratory in the Basque Country.

Made in Basque Country, Spain

Our commitment to quality and our concern about the origin of our raw materials is super important. We work in a laboratory in Vitoria, Basque Country. Most of our raw materials are sourced locally.
We would like to develop a network of sales outlets that correspond to our values of quality and professionalism with an interest in environmental and health conservation.

Customize your soap

What better way to take care of a client, your employees or your guests than with sustainable gifts? Nothing. Instead of offering soulless products, choose a product with your heart, in line with your values.
All our organic and solid cosmetics can be personalised for an event, a wedding or for companies.


Find the best eco swap

We want to support you in your Zero waste journey. We are always looking for new, more responsible alternatives that limit waste, working with artisans who work locally and sustainbly. All our products are handmade, most of them are made in Spain with recycled material. If you are an artisan who produces sustainably with responsible raw materials, please contact me!

Carbon neutral

Extending our zero waste journey :  trying to reduce our impact on environment and create sustainable object of uses without using energy, only the ones from nature (sun, wind, light..)


Plastic Free.

Plastic can be introduced very easily in our household. We try to be conscious consumer and use item good for our body and for the planet.


Organic and Natural.

All the ingredients and materials used in our products and our workshops are 100% Natural.

Recycle and Upcycle.

100% of our packaging are biodegradable and from recycled paper. In our workshop, we try to upcycle all we can, containers, molds etc..

My name is Lucie.
I am a French foodie, traveler and mother of 2 – and most importantly I am keen to explore new eco ways of living with my family.

Hence came the idea that I could bring families together and help them create their own cosmetics and domestics in a friendly and fun atmosphere.
I used to run regular workshops in the UK and the area and bring a stronger eco-focused mindset to the community.
During national lockdown, I have worked hard on my own range of natural homemade soaps that I am super excited to have launched in November 2020.

We recently moved over to Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. And I am over the moon to announce that I am ready to go on to contribute to offer you my organic and natural cometics. Stay tuned, loads to come !