My Slow Experience in Sustainable Chester Fair & Sustainable Fashion

My Slow Experience in Sustainable Chester Fair & Sustainable Fashion

Visit us on the 21st in Rowton Hall Chester

Once again, I am happy to be part of Sustainable Chester Fair & Sustainable Fashion. This time, it will take place on Rowton Hall, Chester.
Furthermore, lots of sustainable business will have their stall in the market place and I will have a large table to run my sessions in the workshop room with lots of others.

Sustainble chester Fair & Sustainable fashion
Crédit photo Sustainble chester Fair & Sustainable fashion

Most noteworthy, entry is totally free at Sustainable Chester Fair & Sustainable Fashion but it is essential to book a ticket : Book entry here
Also, our workshop and speaker session will open soon. Ticket holder will get to pre book these first

At the entrance, as people arrive, you will be asked if you want to book a session with My SLow Experience to make your own during the day. (See day’s program below)

Credit photo Rowton Hall

Join us 21st March 11am – 5pm
A to Z of Sustainable Businesses & Charities

Lots of local businesses will be at the marketplace and in the workshops room. Come and enjoy works of the markers.
There will also be lots of activities for kids and adults. My Slow Experience activities will take place in the workshop room.

My Slow Expererience day’s programm

Hence, here are the sessions availables this day. I will charge 5£ per person to cover the ingredients and equipment costs.

Session 1 : 11.30->12.00 : Lip balm making session
Session 2 : 12.30->1pm : Bath bombs making session (kids from 4 and adults)
Session 3 : 1.30pm->2pm :  Facial mask making session
Session 4 : 2.30pm->3pm : Solid deodorant making session
Session 5 :3.30 ->4pm : Lip balm making session
Session 6 : 4.15pm>4.45pm : Bath bombs making session (kids from 4 and adults)

Above al, for all the product making sessions, you will choose between a large range of organic and high quality  vegetal oil, butter, essential oil, water flower, mineral powder, vegetal powder… Just choose, measure and blend !

For more information about My slow experience

New Organic Skincare Products Making Courses… coming soon

New Organic Skincare Products Making Courses… coming soon

I am planning to offer new organic skincare products making courses next month. When you decide to start to make your own products at home, there are so many recipes you want to try. Always excited to see my lovely customers happy of their session with MySlowExperience, I am working hard to offer new courses as often as I can. I have so many ideas that I want to spread to you. Very frustrating not to have enough hours in a day time to do all I would like to.

Beauty product courses still available

At the moment, I can offer beauty products making session for :
– Hair session : Solid shampoo and hair balm
– Skincare session : Cold cream and lip balm
– Relax bath Session : Bath bombs and bath salt
– Body Session : body scrub and body balm (Chantilly shea butter)

My Slow Experience || Make your own beauty products
My Slow Experience || Make your own beauty products

New organic skincare products making courses coming soon

I am thinking of offering more personalized sessions as pregnancy beauty kit making session,  anti-aging kit making session.

Cleansing Facial skin care making session

And, last but not least New beauty products making courses : Cleansing facial skincare making session. We are happy to offer a special session to make cleansing lotion and facial scrub. Our cleansing lotion will be great to remove makeup from your face every day, or just to settle up a daily caring routine for your skin.
Next session : 29th Feb, 10.30am || 25£
Please, book your session here :
Adults workshop | 29th Feb 2020 10.30am
Adults workshop | 6th June 2020
Adults workshop | 9th April 2020 | 3.30pm

Pregnancy beauty kit making session

We all know that during pregnancy, our skin, whereas very elastic, can sufer from weight gain. That is why, My Slow Experience wants to take care of pregnancy woman skin and make an anti-stretch marks cream. The cream will penetrate better if weekly routine included a body scrub.
Next session : To be planned || 20£

Anti-aging Beauty Products making session

Mature skins require special treatment, that is why I plan to offer a bespoke session to make 3 usefull products in your daily routine such as antiagin cleansing product, a fresh facial scrub and an antiaging elixir. Ingredients used are a bit precious and rare, that is why price is higher.
Next session : To be planned  || 45£


Making Cleansing lotion || My Slow Experience
Making Cleansing lotion || My Slow Experience




Of course, if none of the date are suitable for you, please send me a message at or fill the contact form here Contact .

My Slow Experience || Neaw beauty products making courses
My Slow Experience || Neaw beauty products making courses

Beauty Products Making Sessions – Kids classes in Chester

Beauty Products Making Sessions – Kids classes in Chester

Today, I would like to clarify what we can do together in a workshop session with kids in Chester. Actually, there are so many things to do… But I want the current offer of kids classes in Chester to be clear for everybody.

First, I have diferent kind of classes :

Toddler workshop session, Chester

Kids classes in Chester / MySlowExperience
Kids classes in Chester / MySlowExperience

Since 2 year old, toddlers are making bath bombs during the session.  The recipe is adapted to this age. They have to count the number of scoops of powder they need (with Mum or Dad giving a hand) and then they chose between a range of colors and smells to have their bespoke bath bombs.
These sessions are every Tuesday, in small group. It is 7£ and each child go back home with two or three bath bombs and good fun !

Booking is essantial and you need to visit BuzzyTots website or app : Booking on Buzzytots

Kids workshop session, Chester

Kids classes in chester / MySlowExperience
Kids classes in chester / MySlowExperience

In this class, children may have 5 at the minimum. They are going to use a real recipe, they will weigh every ingredientused, mix, mold etc…
Since 7/8 year old, parents can book a ticket for themself as their children should be autonomous to follow the recipe. That’s a great quality family experience to make bath bombs together. That’s a great family share time ! It is 7£ for each participant

Booking is essantial on MySlowExperience website : Online Booking


Kids birthday party in Chester and the area

Bath bombs Birthday party / MySlowExperience
Bath bombs Birthday party / MySlowExperience

I am delighted to make kids very happy for every occasion : for istance for a birthday party. I do my best to put the smile on each little face ! But no need to provide a lot of effort… Making their own product like bath bombs make children so proud, so happy. Besides, they love mixing, using whisk, pouring powder, liquid and mixing again. It’s fabulous to see them in their doing. Amazing kids !

For a special event, please contact me : or Contact

Therfore, I plan to develop new kids classes in Chester in the coming weeks.

MySlowExperience featured in Inews

“The best one day course to learn a new skill this year”

MySlowExperience featured in Inews

My Slow Experience is very proud to be featured in an article written by the journalist Pascal Hugues from inews in her article titlled : The best one day course to learn a new skill this year.

The best one day courses to learn a new skill
Screenshot from inews : The best one day courses to learn a new skill

In her article, she is presenting special workshops where lo learn a new skill in 2020. Lots of possibilities are offered all around the country and My Slow Experience is evocated as Natural beauty products making session, in Cheshire ! And that is exactly what we do.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Gabriel Hugues for quoting My Slow Experience. Since the article was published, the audience of soard up to +5500% ! Totally amazing

Read the article

Various dates planed for natural beauty products making session in Cheshire

So, every month, my Slow Experience plans lots of workshop making sessions. For instance,  activities for kids (bath bomb making, bath salts, soap making..) and making sessions for adults (bodycare making session, facecare making session, haircare making session..)
Next Adults workshop session will be this Saturday 18Th at 10am with bodycare session. We will make a body scrub, using natural and organic product and a Shea Chantilly.  £15.
More infos and booking online : here
Next Kids session : Tuesday 21th January at 10am (£7) with buzzytots booking system
Moreover, you can also book myslowexperience booking system : here

My Slow Experience is always very happy to be featured in newspaper or website like inews !




Bath bombs making at WinterFEST

Bath bombs making at WinterFEST

Final social ParentFolk event

Tomorrow will settle the big WiterFEST at Carriage Shed, Chester. My Slow Experience will be there with a table activity where kids and families would be invited to bath bombs making ! Lots of fun and Chirstmassy are planned.

There will be the final social of the year for ParentFolk

Carriage Shed | My Slow Experience
@Carriage Shed

Heap of fun and activities for kids

Christmas art workshop, Pamper nail bar, Glitter tatto station, Festive face art, Bath bomb making, Family rave party, Father Christmas with his brilliant storytelling…

Bath Bombs making with My Slow Experience

Very excited and proud to stand a table activity tomorrow at WinterFEST event. All day long I will help kids and families to make their own bath bombs, colors, frangance, design, everything is possible !  We are very happy to welcome everyone.

Last tickets available : Book your ticket for WinterFEST

Preparing the bath bombs making session

Today, I had to plan the potential number of items that would be make during the day to be sure to have enought.  Just in case, kids would be able to make bath salt as well with diferent fragance or dry flowers.

My beloved fellow help me with organizing everything so that now, we are ready ! New recipes are printed in order to facilitate the making for the youngest !

We have tried to find beautiful reabons to make not simple bath bombs but Christmas !

Christmassy on site | My Slow Experience
Christmassy on site | My Slow Experience

Testing new natural colors

We used to color bath bombs with food colorant. But we always want to use only natural stuff . So for tomorrow we will have new red and yellow from mineral only. Very consious to be better end better day after day…

Testing natural coloring | My Slow Experience
Testing natural coloring | My Slow Experience


So happy yo meet everyone tomorrow with Father Chrismas coming to us !

More information : Contact us

Skin barrier workshop session

Build you skin barrier – Workshop session

Winter is settling well and our skin is already to suffering a bit from freezing weather. At my slow experience, we plan a homemade skin barrier workshop session in Chester, Hoole !

It is easy. During one hour workshop session, we will be able to go back home with natural, organic and high quality cold cream and lip balm. What a dream come true. No glycerin, no sulfate, no paraben, no petrolatum nor hyaluronic acid. Remember that gentle cleansing and good moisturizing are key steps in any routine.

Cold Cream making

Homemade moisturizing | My Slow Experience

Homemade Moisturizing | My Slow Experience Workshop Session

to find cold cream in local shop. But it is more responsible to make your own product. You will control all the ingredients, their origin, their quality, their impact on your skin ,their impact on the planet. So much conscious.

At My Slow Experience, we focus to use the minimum of ingredients to be sure that people are able to make their product again at home when finished. This one was made with sweet almond oil and rose hydrolate, which gave a fine and delicate fragance to the cream.

Lip balm making

Exactly the same for lip balm ! Very easy to make and so much conscious to control all the ingredients.

Lim balm making | My Slow Experience Workshop Session
Lim balm making | My Slow Experience Workshop Session

We made this one using Shea butter. That a perfect moisturizing for our lip. For this one I didn’t put essential oil. I wanted something very neutral. But we can use lime or pomelo essential oil easily.

Skin barrier workshop session

Well, to be ready for winter call, let’s join in our first skin barrier workshop session on December, 14th, In Chester, Hoole area.  We will make Lip balm and moisturizing cold cream in a creative and fun atmosphere as we always do !

All information and booking :Adults workshop | 14th dec 2019

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Homemade cosmetics workshop sessions in Chester !

Homemade cosmetics workshop sessions in Chester !

Last weekend, was Sustainable Chester Winter Fair. My Slow Experience was happy to have its own stall and offer quality experience to visitors making cosmetics products ! It was our first public event in Chester ! During the whole day, My Slow Experience we offering homemade cosmetics workshop sessions to all visitors ! We were offering them 4 possibilities : soap making, bath salt making, bath bombs making and laundry liquid making. Actually, the only thing our lovely visitors wanted to try was Bath Bombs !

homemade cosmetics
Cosmetics making  / Settling My Slow Experience stall

My friend Caroline was there to support me in my stall. How lucky I am to have such a friend ! And then came Jo, who helped us so much ! Thank you very much for your support ! Priceless to have them near me to manage the stall and the homemade cosmetics workshop sessions

In addition, special thanks to my beloved husband who helped me to carry our equipments ! Our stall was so lovely !

My slow experience
My Slow Experience stall at Sustainable Chester Winter Fair !

It was the first time that My Slow Experience got a stall in a fair. Very exciting moment. The city of Chester has a wide offer of spaces to rent for such event. And the one Friends of the hearth chose for its Christas Fair was amazing ! An old church, with massive stained glasses ! Fabulous !
There were fabulous sustainable businesses :  Program

Most importantly, lots of visitors came to have a chat with us, and we want to say a special thanks for the first one who wanted to make her own bath bomb !! Certainly, she was really enjoying the experience of making her own bath bombs !

homemade cosmetics bath bomb making
Homemade cosmetics – Thank you to our first experiencer !

Therefore, it was a great day, meeting lots of people ! And I learnt so many things, how to improve myself in my business ! I won lots of lessons of experience ! Above all, that makes me very happy and confident for the future of my little business !

After that, if you want to book an upcoming sessions, please have a look at our program sessions : Upcoming events



Preparing Sustainable Chester Winter Fair

Preparing Sustainable Chester Winter Fair

My Slow Experience is so happy to stand a stall for Chester Sustainable Winter Fair ! It will be on Saturday, 23rd of November, in St Mary’s creative space. Started from 11am to 5pm.

Preparing Sustainable Chester Winter Fair !

Since a few days, I am preparaing my stall. What could I offer people to do ? I need to propose quick recipe to let people make their onw product but within a ten minutes slot ! They need to have time to visit several stalls. And maybe there will be more than 40 stalls this year at Chester Sustainable Winter Fair !

As my business is brand new and I am still experimenting recipes. Daily products making is a daily issue… Every day we need to modify the recipe depending of humidy and weather. So I am trying to do my best to find the best recipes to offer visitors of Sustainable Chester Winter Fair the best making experience !  I plan to propose different products making. My aim is to convince people that it is easy to be a conscious consumer. That means, consuming products good for us but also good for our planet. And, if you create them by yourself, you will be totally aware of what it is made with !

Mini soap making | My Slow Experience
Mini soap making | My Slow Experience

My Slow Experience concerns

At My Slow Experience, we are concerned about two things : the environment and your health.
– the environment :  We focus on the environment impact. We check the production flow of all the products used in our making. We keep an eye on the environment impact of the products we use. How are they made ? Is it a dirty production  or not, where are they produce ?  Then we are sensitive about the packaging used.
– Your health : Making your own daily product is a fabulous way to be aware of what you consume., and what you put in your skin… We only use organic products. We avoid all chemical products, only natural one. That made our workshop totally safe and the products we make as well !
More about our values : About

Laundry liquid making
Laundry liquid making | My Slow Experience

My Slow Experience offer 4 handmade experiences

My slow Experience is going to propose different experiences for  Sustainable Chester Winter Fair :
– Laundry liquid making (one liter for 2£)
– Bath Bambs (2 for 3£)
– Mini saop (2 for 4£)
– Bath salt (1 jar for 4£)

Bath Salt Making | My Slow Experience
Bath Salt Making | My Slow Experience

10 minutes slot will be schedule for each experience. Everyone is welcome : kids, adults …
Just come and have fun !


To book your entrance ticket (free of charge) please go on this page : Book your winter Fair ticket

Homemade bath bombs and bath salt Session

Homemade bath bombs and bath salt Session

My Slox Experience Workshop Session is ready !
My Slox Experience Workshop Session is ready !

Last monday was a big monday for My Slow Experience. We organized the first workshop for kids in Chester, Cheshire. They were 5 to 10.  We had  great fun making bath bombs and bath salt.


To start, I explained them that all the ingredients used were organic and sustainable.  Consequently, there are no toxicity for them and what they do is good for our planet. That is impressive how so young people are able to identify what is good or not for our planet. And why we need to be concerned. Therefore, they were absolutly fully involved in what they were doing ! Before, we had a shopping session to find the convenient contain, we visited few charity shops to find the ultimate contain for the liquid soap !

Bath Bombs making | My Slow Experience
Bath Bombs making | My Slow Experience

First, we made Bath bombs… they were so excited to chose their fragance and make their own product ! Then, we made bath salts in preloved jar. They all wanted to decorate it. The workshop should have been finished once bath bombs and bath salt were all done…

Bath Salt making | My Slow Experience
Bath Salt making | My Slow Experience

…But, the eldest child wanted to go on..  In other words, she very appreciated the workshop ! As she was invited to a birthday party, she wanted to offer a homemade present… But her friends didn’t have any bath… Consequently, I offer her the opportunity to make liquid soap. How happy she was !! And most importantly, she was very proud to be able to offer her friend a wholesome shower product ! She chose rose fragance, very sweet ! Hope her friend would be pleased to receive such a present !

For more information about scheduled workshops : Find a workshop here !


Fizzing bath balls making !

Colored fizzing bath bombs ! My Slow Experience
Colored fizzing bath bombs ! My Slow Experience

How funny and easy it is to create fizzing bath balls !

Yesterday, kids were a bit upset with the rain not to be able to go and play outside. So I offered them to create their fizzing bath balls for their bath…  They had so much fun doing it and later on in their bath !

Therefore, after handing them the bath ball recipe, their first task was to find all the ingredients. The ingredients we are using are only organic products and selected to guarantee the best result !

Children then worked hard avoiding spreading flour all around their bowl and finally were so proud with their own bath balls !!

Fizzing bath bombs ! My Slow Experience
Fizzing bath bombs making ! My Slow Experience

What a fabulous reward to see How excited were they to wash themselvse in a colored and effervescent bath ! Besides, I hide a small gadget in the ball to surprise them ! And it worked !

My tips : I always manage to put in it relaxing but organic fragance. We know that everybody, at the end of the day need help to relax themself.. It can be vanilla extract, lavender, marjolin… Nice experience !

To attend a fizzing bath balls making workshop : Let’s have a look at the scheduled events !