Soap making course in Chester | Adult workshop



Soap making course in Chester !

Making your own soap is an exciting experience ! Join us and Learn to make your own traditional cold process soap at our soap making course in Chester.
On this beginners course, you will be experiencing making soap bars by cold process, you will learn about the basics of soap making using organic and natural ingredients, natural colourings & essential oils.

What to expect during this soap making course in Chester ?

Tea and coffee will be there for you on arrival.
Then, we will have a chat, about your expectetion about your soap.
Then all the process will be explain, all the ingredients and their properties will be featured. And then, we will taylor your formulation to make your very own soap. And finally, time to create. You will make 2 batches to try different formulations. It will be around 1,2kg of soap, which can be approximatively 10 soaps to offer to yours at any time !
You will be able to choose your ingredients between a range of vegetal oil, butter, mineral or vegetal powder.
You’ll need to leave the soap to cure for 4 to 6 weeks, after which you can either collect it or I can post it to you.

How long for one soap making session ?

The session will last half a day (about 3 hours)

Who can attend ?

We don’t do mixed groups – only ones you organise yourself.Kids are not allowed in this session. Teenager from 16 can attend.

Where and when ?

Soap making course in Chester, Hoole. From Tuesday to Thursday and on Saturdays and Sundays
Message me to arrange the session.

What is included in the price ?

A 3 hour workshop is £70 per person. This includes 10 bars of cold pressed soap and the postage to send them to you once they’ve cured.
All equipment and materials