Mother’s day gift – Mum&Son




Here a Mother’s day green gift !

When is the last time you spend 1 or 2 hours enjoying together, just your Mum and you ? There is only one and she is a limited edition… Why not celebrating Mother Day offering a green experience together ? Take time to make bespoke organic beauty products with your Mum with My slow experience ! More than a Mother’s day green gift it is maybe the beginning of a greener experience of living your daily life !

Here a gift card for two adults workshop sessions !

Let’s choose the products you want to make among a range of organic beauty products !

In our workshop session, two products are usually made and you have to choose between : Lip balm, facial mask, facial scrub, body scrub, body Chantilly, cleansing lotion, solid deodorant, shampoo bar, bath salt, fizzing bath bombs.

All the ingredients displayed on the workshop table are natural (vegetal or mineral), organic and selected for their high quality and performance. All recipes are tested and formulated for their high performance on your skin or your hair. Every products you make are adapted to you skin type or hair type.

If you want to send a lovely Mother’s day card you can have a look at the cards made by Botanique Workshop, based in London. They make gorgeous flowers bunches and lots of cards, deco inspired by flowers and at my slow experience, we looooooove that.
Card from Botanique Workshop London

This gift card must be adapted to different situations, because we think in everyone who has particular situation toward motherwood. As a caring friend or relative, you can also offer this to step mums, not mums yet, should be mums, and those without mums.