Adults workshop | 12th September | 10.30AM | Lip balm & cleansing lotion making


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Come and enjoy a beauty product making session ! This saturday morning, you will make your very own lip balm and cleansing lotion.

The lip balm

Why using a lip balm ?
Lip treatments must be a part of your skincare routine. Without proper hydration and care, our lips can easily become dry, chapped, cracked, and irritated (you certainly have already experienced it in the winter months). A bespoke organic lip balm can be a fantastic routine treatment to keep your lips soft and moist in all seasons !

How to use your lip balm ?
Once made, it is going to dry and be tough but will melt as needed when you will apply it with your clean finger !

Organic lip balms are crafted with blend of waxes, vegetal and extra texture like vegetal butter, honey etc..

The Cleansing  Lotion

Why using a cleansing lotion ?
Cleansing lotion can be part of our daily routine (scub, mask and lotion) and it also can be used by its own to remove impurities, makeup and pollution from skin, thereby allowing it to breathe….

How to use Cleaning Lotion :
Apply with your finger for a last step daily routine or apply with a pad if you are using it by its own as a make up remover.

You will Formulate your very own cleansing lotion and lip balm, choosing among a range of ingredients suitable for your skin/lips. We can work on special skin disorders like acne and oily skin, choosing suitable water flower and vegetal oil.

Make and Take Session and go back with all recipes

You will be given a recipe and instruction card to refer to. You will work together measuring out the ingredients, heating and mixing them.

We will provide all the tools and the ingredients you need.


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