Kids and parents homemade bath bombs workshop
Bath Bomb making !
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Kids from 2 with parents

Families session : kids and parents bath bombs workshop
Bath Bombs making !
8th Feb |10.30am  FULL
29th Feb |10.30am  FULL
21st March|10.30am
28th March|10.30am
9th April  | 9am and 2pm
11th April |10.30am
Hoole, Chester, UK
Kids from 5 with parents

Cleansing lotion and facial scrub making session

Next sessions :
29th Feb | 10.30am
9th April | 3.30
6th June | 10.30 am

Hoole, Chester, UK

Body Chantilly and body scrub making session.
Next sessions : 11th April 10.30am


Shampoo bar and Deodorant bar making session
Next session : 29th Feb | 10.30am

Hoole, Chester, UK

Cold cream and lip balm making session

9th April 10.30am

Hoole, Chester, UK

Anti-aging elixir, anti-aging cleansing lotion, facial scrub

Next event : 28th March 10.30am

Hoole, Chester, UK

Anti-strech cream, body scrub and baby massage oil making session

Next session : 21st March |10.30am
Hoole, Chester, UK

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Daily products workshop sessions