Bundle of natural soaps 4 x 140g


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4 savons naturels écologiques emballés dans un sac en tissu de coton recyclé

4 x 140g.

Fabriqués (par moi) dans un laboratoire du Pays basque.


Natural and Organic Soap



All 4 soaps have the same base:
Olive oil has moisturising and skin nourishing properties, thanks to its high content of vitamins A and E. As well as being considered the perfect skin nourishing ingredient, it will leave your skin looking healthy, supple and radiant. Leaves the skin soft.
Olive oil slows down skin ageing, helps balance free radicals, prevents damage and regenerates the skin thanks to its contribution of vitamins E and K and natural fatty acids.
Coconut oil has emollient properties, it softens and soothes the skin. It gives the soap a great cleansing effect because it has a great antiseptic power. It is a perfect cleanser. The coconut oil in the soap will give you a rich lather that will help reduce excess oil on your skin, remove impurities and prevent pores from clogging.
Almond oil is an optimal oil for the most sensitive skin, protecting dry and flaky skin. Sweet Almond Oil gives elasticity and nourishes the skin, leaving it hydrated and soft.
Finally, Shea Butter provides lipids and vitamins to the skin, strengthening the skin’s barrier effect. It also helps to regenerate and repair the skin, keeping it in good condition. In addition, this butter is non-comedogenic and therefore does not clog pores.


My soaps are 100% natural. Made with vegetable oils that are as local as possible: the olive oil and almond oil are domestic and I buy the coconut oil and shea butter ethically. All are organically grown.

The coconut tree does not grow in Spain, nor in Europe, we use it for its unique properties.
To make soap we need soft oil but also hard oil like cocoa butter, coconut, shea, mango and none of them can be found in Spain. So we limit ourselves to the minimum to find the best characteristics. If we don’t put a solid oil, the soap will melt in the shower.

This soap is of vegetable origin – vegan – palm oil free – cruelty free – plastic free.

Net weight of the natural soap bar: Approx. 140g
The soaps are packed in a recyclable cotton bag. There are 4 natural soaps of 140 grams each.

Size, shape, weight, colour and fragrance may vary slightly as all soaps are handmade with natural ingredients.

In this gift pack you will find 4 references: My Tonic, My Exfoliante, My Rose, My Detox


100% natural, 100% vegetable soap, handmade in a professional laboratory in the Basque Country, Spain, with ingredients from organic farming and mainly from local suppliers.


The ingredients chosen are all organically grown.

All products sold on my website My Slow Experience have all the legal certifications:

– Cosmetic product liability certification (AEMPS)

– Toxicological certification by GCS Cosmetics, Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) required by EU regulation 1223/2009.

– Notification on the European cosmetics portal.

Production according to ISO 22716 and European standards



conservation and use.

how to use your soap.

  1. Wet your body in the shower
  2. Rub the soap between your hands and get a creamy lather in your hands
  3. Apply to your body
  4. Rinse with water.

how to save and store your soap.

To enjoy your soap for as long as possible, I recommend getting the minimalist magnetic soap dish or running a jute rope through the soap and hanging it over the shower tap to dry and drain. You can also let it dry a little longer before using it for the first time, especially if it is freshly cut or made. For the best experience, I recommend that you use your soap within 6 months. After that, the colour and scent cannot be guaranteed, as all the ingredients are natural and there are no preservatives.

However, do not exceed 30 months! If you decide to keep it for a while, make sure you do not expose your soap to direct light or high temperatures.




Avoid contact with the eyes.

It is always possible that a person may have a rare reaction to a particular ingredient. Test each cosmetic product on a small area of your body before spreading it around.

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