Any questions ,  please have a look at this page, can help !

What is My Slow eXperience ?

My Slow eXperience is a little business which runs hands-on workshop sessions for everyone who wants make its own skincare products. We only use organic products. We organize workshop sessions all the year. We are also happy to organize special event as birthday party for kids or grown-up, hen party. Please contact us !

Why doing your own daily products ?

Lots of reasons to make your own products ! Controlling the products you are using for you and your family, consuming with a planet concerned mindset, using organic products, making the most suitable products for your skin…

What kind of workshops do you organize ?

We offer cosmetics and domestics handmade workshops.
Skincare session : Lip balm & cold cream making
Facecare session : Cleansing lotion & facial scrub
Haircare session : Shampoo bar & hair balm making
Relax bath session : Bath bombs & Bath salt making
Bodycare session : Body scrub & body balm making

Example of products we make in domestics workshop : laundry liquid, dish liquid, bee wrap (reusable organic food wraps)

For kids, we offer bath bombs making session, soap making session.

For toddlers, we are happy to run bath bombs making session.

What is included in the price of a workshop ?

All materials
Drinks and refreshments
Make and take home all you made with the cards (recipes)
Just come as you are but relaxed, I will do the rest !

I want to organize a private event, how does it work ?

Want to offer you and your friends a relaxed moment making skincare products ? Want to treat yourself to some handmade skincare products that are good for you and won’t cost the environment ?

My Slow Experience is happy to organize a private hands-on workshop for you.

1. Select friends (6 participants max)
2. Choose 2 products between a range of skincare products : Lip balm, cold cream, cleansing lotion, facial scrub , Bath bombs, Bath salt, body scrub , body Chantilly
3. Choose a date for your venue (message to lucie@myslowexperience.com to find a date)
4. Book your session on line

This kind of session takes place at my place. Easy to park in front of the door. (Hoole, Chester, UK)

For more people than 6, please send me a message to arrange a suitable session. We can rent a room in Chester, Liverpool or Manchester.
For special event, we can bring a special deco ! Just let me know !

What is the covered area for private event ?

My Slow eXperience can cover area one hour and half around Chester. Be aware that price might be affected depending on distance !

How to book a workshop ?

Easy ! Just send me a message at lucie@myslowexperience.com or   book on line!

How can I pay for my workshop ?

Easy !

For most events, you can book and pay online. I work with a payment app called Stipe, totally secured.
Just visit us on : Online Booking

Events for toddlers have to be booked on Booking on Buzzytots

Who am I ?

My name is Lucie.
I am a French foodie, traveler and mother of 2 – and most importantly I am keen to explore new eco ways of living with my family.

Since I was a child, I have been obsessed with our planet Earth and the way we should take care of it – it did not feel right to produce so much waste on a daily basis …and it took me a long time to realize I could actually do something to make it better!

I moved to the UK almost one year ago with my family after I quit my job in France and I made the decision to spend more time with my young kids.
This has been a massive trigger for me, allowing me to really think of the impact I would like to make – for real!
The second trigger came with a book that my friend Violaine offered me – it gave me all of the key recipes to make my own cosmetics and domestics.
From that day on, I have been making my own products – the best part of it being that my kids actually enjoy doing it with me. Then after, I trained with rich and popular online training about formulation, ingredients properties… And I am still training ! There are so many things to discover and learn in natural cosmetics.

Hence came the idea that I could bring families together and help them create their own cosmetics and domestics in a friendly and fun atmosphere.
My plan is to run regular workshops around Chester and bring a stronger eco-focused mindset to the community. I am also happy to organize private event on demand, such as birthday parties for adults or children !

Come and join the next workshop edition to contribute to a sustainable planet!